Petcube Play Pet Camera Review

Petcube Play Pet Camera Review

Having a pet camera in your possession is important. Not only does it provide a layer of protection for your pets, but also reduces the chances of them feeling separation anxiety when you're gone for only a few hours.

The Petcube Play Pet Camera is ranked highly online because it addresses those issues and provides a great software for you to take care of your pet. Continue reading to see why this device is loved by so many pet owners and how it can enhance the bond you have with your pet.

About The Product

Product Features:

  • 3x Digital Zoom
  • 1080p Video Resolution
  • Night Vision Enabled
  • Laser Pointer
  • Optional Cloud Storage

The Petcube Play Pet Camera is the most advanced pet cameras in the market. It features a high-resolution camera at 1080p, which is higher than its previous model at 720p. You can find this device on Amazon at a price around $151.

Petcube Play: Pet Camera full view.


The product's most noteworthy feature is its laser pointer. The laser pointer is a 5 milliwatt model, so you don't have to worry about the beams becoming too strong for your pet. It serves as a toy and a distraction, preventing your pet from attacking your furniture while you're away.

And, the product remains stable throughout its usage. It has a rubberized bottom base, which is nearly impossible for your pet to tip over. This is a great feature as it allows the device to continue to work even if your pet is overly playful or rambunctious.

Another feature we've noticed is the access control it provides its users. For instance, the device allows users to share app and camera access to their friends and family, allowing other people to care for their pets as well. Thus, making it a great app if you have multiple members in your home.

Petcube has also developed a paid cloud subscription service called Pet Cube Care. For a small fee, you can store up to 30 days of activity into the cloud storage systems. Besides its cloud service, users can send their activity updates which allow users to know when unknown sounds are heard in the house.

However, we've found a few issues coming from this device. Consumers were unhappy with the incompatibility with Android devices. Android devices on the 4.x software are unable to use the camera as good as other models. We suggest getting the latest Android update to utilize this camera.

You need a good pet camera that can ease your pet's stress levels while you're away. Luckily, the Petcube Play Pet Camera offers that through its pet feeding tray, night vision mode, and its great video resolution.

Buying Advice

Buy this product today if you want your care for your pet remotely.

Voice Compatibility

What pet owner doesn't like to interact or talk with their furry friends at all times? Another interesting feature with pet cameras is the two-way communication feature. It allows users to not only speak to their pets but also hear their responses.

So if you want to check up on your cat to say greet him, simply open up the app in order to start a nice conversation with him. Make sure to get a camera with voice compatibility so that you can enjoy this fun and unique feature.

Live Stream

In regards to pet camera, it's important that you buy one that has live streaming capabilities. We don't believe that an old surveillance security camera adds up to this since it defeats the purpose of the pet cam. That purpose is to keep your pet safe and protected while you're not at home.

Petcube Play: Pet Camera side view.


Always check to see if the pet camera you desire has an app where you can talk and view your pets. The good news is that the Petcube Play Camera has a live streaming option. This ensures that you can see your pet in real time and care for them in any location.

Night Vision

Sometimes, you won't be able to care for your pet during the after-hours. To fix this, manufacturers have created a night vision feature with their pet camera products. This feature uses an infrared night vision beam to allow users to see their pets.

When using the vision, users can see their pets in a black and white color. If you plan on being away from home for more than 24 hours, a pet camera with a night vision feature is your best bet.

Pet Cameras with Treat Dispensers

Treat dispensers are units filled with food that your pet can access. Treat dispensers are a great way to break bad habits with your pets and reduce pet anxiety. The two-way audio can help monitor a nervous kitten, new pet, or a nervous puppy.

Also, it's helpful for older pets who have weak eyesight. On some occasions, these pets might become "lost" as they walk around your house.

Create a permanent spot for your treating camera. Place it near a litter box or a dog flap so that your pet can easily access the food. Following this step ensures that your pet will become completely housebroken once they become older.

Camera Positioning

When shopping for a pet camera, you need to know how it's going to be positioned in your house. Will it be positioned on the floor for easy access? Or will you have to mount it on the wall to prevent your pets from tampering with the device. These are questions you'll have to ask when it's time to buy.

Petcube Play: Pet Camera in use.


Some models feature tripods, which allow you to place the camera in a higher level of gravity. Whatever camera you choose, make sure that it can be positioned in a convenient location for you and your pet.


Mainly, the Petcube Play Pet Camera is the most versatile camera we've seen. It can feed your pet, allow you and your friends to interact with it, and keep your pets in good spirits while you're at work or on vacation. Buy this camera today to see an improvement in your pet's emotional health.

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