Pawbo Life Pet Camera Review

Pawbo Life Wi-Fi Pet Camera Review

As pet owners, we can become too busy in our everyday lives. But that doesn't mean we can't take the time to care for our pets. You need to invest in a pet camera to ensure that your pet doesn't make a mess while you're away.

The Pawbo Life Wi-Fi Pet Camera is the tool you'll need to provide further attention to your pets. It can feed them treats, record them in HD, and provides an app where you can share your recording with your friends. Read this Pawbo Life Pet Camera review to find out why this tool is necessary for your home.

About The Product

Technical Specs:

  • Laser Dot Game
  • 130 degrees wide angle lens
  • LED Status Indicator
  • Treat Dispenser

The Pawbo Life Wi-Fi Pet Camera is the best in its category. For example, it weighs only 1lb, making it very compact and easy to transport throughout the house. You'll like this camera because it's simple for beginners to use and comes has a multitude of interactive capabilities. For example, it has a laser pointer for the owner to play games with their pet and a treat dispensers to help owners feed their pets.

Pawbo Life Wi-Fi Pet Camera


When giving treats to your pet, try using different types of commands and sound effects. This helps you train your pet more efficiently and speeds up the housebreaking process. For instance, you can create a sound effect to notify you're online or that they're about to get fed.

This camera's primary strength is its Pawbo Life App. It's compatible with both Android and iOS phones. You can integrate your pet's photos and share them to a Google Drive folder where it can remain in cloud storage where it can't be lost.

From a design perspective, the camera's oval-shaped appearance looks appealing. And the camera is placed on a flat surface where it can't get knocked over. You'll love this pet camera because it can withstand a lot of damage while still portraying your pet in the best way possible.

But, there is one thing you need to watch out about this device. Shoppers complained that they were unable to put complete treats inside the dispenser. You'll have to chop up large treats or use smaller treats in order for the tray to feed your pets correctly.

For pet owners wanting an easy way to take care of their pets, the Pawbo Life Wi-Fi Pet Camera is the best option. Not only does it record your pet's movements, but it also allows you to speak to them with its two-way audio system. Get this product today if you want your pet to remain happy.

Buying Advice

Still don't know what pet camera to buy and need some assistance?

Keep reading this section.

Motion Alerts

In your house, unknown sounds can occur while you're out. It can be something as innocuous as your pet knocking something over, or an emergency such as an intruder breaking into your home.

No matter the scenario, you'll want to be prepared. Most high-end pet cameras come with motion sensor apps to give you push notifications when these unknown sounds occur. Make sure you get a camera with this feature to ensure that your pet is safe in the event of a home invasion.

Laser Games

The best thing you can do with your pet is play a laser game with them. This ensures that you're giving your pet the proper attention they need. For example, the Pawbo Life Wi-Fi Pet Camera lets you use a laser pointer at the touch of a finger.

Pawbo Life Wi-Fi Pet Camera


When searching for this feature, make sure that the laser is below 10 milliwatts. Anything above that can potentially cause damage or blind your pet. Overall, if you want to have a great experience with your pet, the laser pointer is the best toy to do so.

Social Sharing

As you continue to play with your pet, you're going to want to share the fun with your friends and family. Pet cameras usually have a feature that allows you to share your recordings on popular social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Alternatively, pet cameras consist of an app that allows you to post pictures of your pet on their private server. For the social media aficionado, look for this feature the next time you plan on shopping for a pet camera.

Barking Alerts

Barking alerts help users see the reason why their pet is barking at home. This is a great feature as it allows you to see what's the commotion going on behind the camera.

If you live in an apartment with limited living space, a barking dog might cause some issues with the neighbors. The cameras can be programmed to send you push notification or a text the next time your pet makes too much noise.

Why is this great? Because it notifies you if your pet is either anxious or blatantly causing a ruckus when you're not at home. Then you can watch and view your pet, calm them down, and feed them a treat once they've completely stopped barking.

Battery Power

Pet cameras come in various shapes and sizes. Also, their power sources vary from product to product. Most of the pet cameras available are mounted via table and can be run by either electric or battery power.

Pawbo Life Wi-Fi Pet Camera


Before buying, check the battery power of your device. The Pawbo Life Pet Camera is wireless but can last for up to 2 weeks when fully charged. Thus, making it easy for users to care for their pets without the fear of the battery going out.

Closing Thoughts

The Pawbo Life Pet Camera is one of the most versatile cameras you'll find. It helps you feed your pet, speak to them, while also giving you the freedom to share their progress and fun memories online. You should buy this camera today if you want your pet to stay safe while you're gone.

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