Feed And Go Smart Pet Feeder For Cats And Dogs Review

Feed And Go Smart Pet Feeder For Cats And Dogs Review

The Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder isn’t the first automatic feeder for cats and dogs, but it’s clearly one of the best. It gives you and your pet a quality automatic-feeding experience.

Does your pet like dry food? This feeder will dispense any type of dry food to satiate your pet’s hunger. But what if he prefers wet food? No problem! This machine works with wet food, too. (But if you’ll be gone for more than 24 hours, dry food is a better option for sanitary reasons.)

When you’ll be away for a weekend or on a business trip, this Smart Pet Feeder has you, and your pets, covered. This feeder has six compartments to dispense food at the times you program. Imagine the flexibility you’ll have with six possible scheduled feedings.

Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder For Cats & Dogs

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For added convenience for you, the feeding tray is dishwasher safe. If you’ve been away, you probably would rather spend time with your furry friend than washing feeding dishes.

The folks at Feed and Go ingeniously engineered this feeder to keep cats and dogs out of the food compartments. They simply can’t get through or around the locking mechanisms between the slots. This is one of the few feeders (if not the only one) that is truly pet-proof.

Don’t worry about spills. An overly enthusiastic dog, eager for his food, won’t be able to overturn this feeder thanks to its low profile and sleek build.

About The Product

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    Size: 18L x 16W x 3H (inches); 52L x 41W x 7H (centimeters)
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    Feeding Compartments: 6
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    Size of Compartments: 8 oz
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    Scheduling: Schedule just a single feeding or up to six; make them a one-time occurrence or set a recurring schedule
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    Power Source: Mains (no worrying about dead batteries)
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    Operation: Control the device from any computer, tablet, or smartphone. If you have more than one feeder, you can control them all separately from a single account.
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    Connecting: The internal Wi-Fi of the feeder quickly and effortlessly connects to your home network
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    Features: A webcam provides a view of your pet, and speakers allow him to hear a recorded message in your voice

This automatic feeder is high-tech and user-friendly. Once you’ve connected it to your home Wi-Fi, you’re ready to go.

The feeder is compatible with almost all devices and operating systems. No matter your computer, tablet, or smartphone, you can use them all.

The online system is streamlined so you can have multiple feeders with only one account. Easily select which feeder you want to program or access the webcam. Toggle quickly between feeders for maximum efficiency.

Controlling each of your feeders separately from the same account allows you to set different feeding times for each of your pets is you so desire. Keep each pet on the schedule she’s accustomed to even when you’re away.

What We Like

On behalf of our furry loved ones, we are wild about how much control we have with this feeder. Even though we can’t be there in person, it almost seems as though we are. We also love the automatic food dispenser that lets us give wet food to our pets.

Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder For Cats & Dogs

We love that this has six compartments, all holding a sizable amount of food. We don’t always fill all six, but for longer absences we can—and do.

Let’s face it. Feeding pets with a phone is cool. Prefer a computer or tablet? That’s cool, too. We love programming the feeder because it’s so easy. What’s really enjoyable is being able to see our critters right on the screen of our device. All of this makes love from afar feel up close and personal.

What We Don’t Like

There’s so much good in the Feed and Go that it’s hard to pinpoint what we don’t like. Nothing is perfect, though. Our least favorite features of this dog and cat feeder are the camera and speaker.

Some reviewers have indicated that the low-resolution camera makes it difficult to fully see your dog or cat when they come to the bowl.

That said, this device, while high-tech, isn’t a GoPro. It’s a pet feeder. It does provide images that are sufficient to give you a glimpse of your ball of fur when she’s at her dish.

The speaker feature, too, is an area where some users report disappointment. It’s touted as a call-your-pet feature, but for some people and pets it falls short due to poor sound quality.

Reviewers have indicated that the voice feature really is unnecessary as animals respond to the sound of the device dispensing food.

Buying Advice

Whether you need one feeder or two (or more), Amazon has great pricing and free shipping from either the US or the UK to anywhere in the world.

When you purchase this automatic feeder, because it has internal Wi-Fi, you may want to purchase a surge protector. On the rare occasion that you experience a power surge, you don’t want to fry your smart pet feeder.


Ensure your pets are fed when you’re away—when you want them to eat and what you want them to eat, even if it’s wet food. The Smart Pet Feeder by Feed and Go gives you control and your pet food.

Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder For Cats & Dogs

Even use it when you’re home. If you just need a bit of extra sleep on a weekend morning, program the feeder the night before to avoid an early morning feeding time.

Distance feeding becomes fun when you can see your pet. Watch him. Let him hear your recorded voice, and be confident that he’s eating well with the Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder.

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