Extreme Dog Fence Pro-Grade System Invisible Dog Fence Review

Extreme Dog Fence Pro-Grade System Electric Dog Fence Review

Let your beloved dog run free in your yard while keeping him safe and secure by installing the eXtreme Dog Fence Second Generation 2018 In-Ground Electric Dog Fence. This underground dog fence boasts features that make it stand above other electric dog fences.

Because thin wire is prone to breaking underground, leaving you unaware of the problem until your dog escapes, eXtreme Dog Fence designs their kits with thick, twisted, heavy-duty wire. It is unlikely to break during installation, and it is equally unlikely to break in extreme temperatures and wet/dry conditions.

eXtreme Dog Fence - Second Generation -2018- In-Ground Electric Dog Fence

The second generation of this eXtreme Dog Fence includes improvements such as updated electronics that remain stable in cold weather and in areas of spotty power as well as new collar options for greater flexibility and even better protection. This system is guaranteed to contain your dog.

About The Product

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    Pattern: One dog (Kits available for one to up to five dogs)
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    Size of fence: 500’ (Kits available in 500’, 1000’, 1500’, 2000’, or 2500’)
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    Types: Wire Standard Grade Kit (Wire Pro Grade eXtreme Kit is also available)
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    Layout Options: Unlimited
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    Size of Dog: Adjustable collar fits small- to large dogs
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    Features: Waterproof, adjustable collar settings to accommodate your dog’s size and sensitivity
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    Includes: Heavy-duty wire, waterproof wire splicers, collar, transmitter, surge protector, flags

With this in-ground dog fence, you have choices and control. You’re not restricted by transmitter range when you plan your area, for eXtreme Dog Fence’s second generation of fencing has a range of up to 25 acres. This 500’ kit doesn’t enclose a 25-acre space, but the bigger systems do create such a big area.

You have control over the transmitter’s radio frequency as well. You can select a frequency that doesn’t interfere with any neighboring dog fence frequencies.

When you choose eXtreme Dog Fence, you also have the choice of boundary zone. You can set the system to warn your dog of the approaching fence boundary when he’s anywhere from just a few inches to about 30 feet away. 

The eXtreme Dog Fence is easy to install, making the process frustration-free for seasoned DIY-ers and first-timers alike. Begin by determining your desired layout, choosing where to place your transmitter, laying the wire, testing and programming, and burying and securing the wire.

While the process is easy, there might be times when you need assistance. The company itself steps in to help when you need them. A simple call to customer service will provide personalized help and instruction any step of the way. Consult with eXtreme Dog Fence for layout advice and more.

What We Like

Many of us like to keep filled wading pools in our yards for the dogs in hot weather. With this eXtreme Dog Fence, we can do so hassle-free—no more removing the collar for water play and scrambling to put it on before the dog runs toward the edge of the fence.

eXtreme Dog Fence - Second Generation -2018- In-Ground Electric Dog Fence

We love, too, the flexibility this fencing system offers. Create a perimeter in any shape that suits your property and preferences.

The waterproof collar and flexibility in design are just two of our favorite features of this functional and effective electric dog fence. Above all, the system offers peace of mind. We feel relaxed and happy knowing that our furry friends are safely contained.

What We Don’t Like

It’s challenging to identify things we don’t like about the eXtreme Dog Fence In-Ground Electric Dog Fence. One thing that we would like to see improved is its ability to contain very large dogs. Some reviewers have reported that their large dogs break through the electric barrier without difficulty.

This might not be a fault exclusive to eXtreme Dog Fence, however. People using different brands and manufacturers of in-ground fences have reported the same problem. Some large dogs simply don’t have extreme sensitivity to electric fencing.

Some buyers report that their kit arrived without instructions. This is easily solved by visiting the eXtreme Dog Fence website and contacting them by phone or email. We are very impressed with the friendly responsiveness of their customer service.

Buying Advice

When you purchase the eXtreme Dog Fence Second Generation 2018 In-Ground Electric Dog Fence from Amazon, you’ll receive a great price and fast, free shipping. You’ll be installing your fence and giving your dog free running space in no time.

Because some reviewers report a short battery life on their dog’s collar, it could be wise to purchase extra batteries when you buy this dog fence system. Lithium-ion batteries can be purchased in many places.


When you love your dog, you want to take care of her. That involves letting her run and play safely. Installing an in-ground electric fence lets you keep your pooch contained so she doesn’t dart into traffic or run off into the woods.

eXtreme Dog Fence - Second Generation -2018- In-Ground Electric Dog Fence

We love the eXtreme Dog Fence Second Generation 2018 In-Ground Electric Dog Fence for this purpose. This system lets you design the perimeter and adjust the transmission. It is extremely well-built with its heavy-duty wire, fully waterproof collar, and surge protection.

Give your dog the gift of movement and safety, and give yourself the gift of peace of mind with the eXtreme Dog Fence In-Ground Electric Dog Fence.

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