Educator E-Collar Dog Training Collar Review

Educator E-Collar Dog Training Collar Review

This compact, stopwatch-style dog trainer fits easily in the palm of your hand and allows you to affect big changes in your dog’s behavior. This device is designed to quickly, effectively, and gently train your dog to behave well.

Use the Educator E-Collar Remote Dog Training Collar to help your dog behave for his own safety and to reduce your personal stress level. This training device helps dogs learn to respond immediately to your calls and to behave off-leash.

Educator E-Collar Remote Dog Training Collar


You can use this effective training collar to extinguish behaviors such as jumping, lunging or pulling while on a leash, grabbing and chewing objects, and barking. The Educator Remote Dog Training Collar is versatile and can be used on its own or as a supplement to training courses you are using.

This trainer can help stop bad habits even before they start. If your dog has started bad habits, don’t worry—it’s never too late, especially with this dog training collar. This product is very useful for hard-to-train dogs, difficult dogs, dogs learning to go off-leash, etc.

About The Product

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    Model: One dog
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    Range: ½ mile
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    Size of Dog: Designed to train dogs over 5 pounds
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    Features: Pavlovian Tone, Tapping,
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    Stimulation: 100 levels of regular stimulation and 60 additional levels of boost stimulation
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    Includes: One collar, floating stopwatch-style transmitter, two sets of contact points (5/8” and 3/4"), lithium-polymer rechargeable battery, dual (120V/220V) battery charger
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    Colors: Yellow, Orange, Black, Lady (leopard), Waterfowl Camo, Zen

Educator’s training e-collar is a device that teaches rather than punishes. The low-level stimulation is considered blunt rather than sharp. While your dog will feel it, she won’t be harmed or feel pain. The sensation is similar to a TENS unit used by medical professionals in treating pain.

Unwanted behavior is extinguished through this blunt stimulation that you can control. Set the level of strength anywhere between 1-100. Also, choose the boost mode for an additional 60 levels for large dogs or problematic situations. Your dog still won’t be harmed, but he will give you his full attention.

This training collar goes beyond standard stimulation. It features a tapping sensation that reinforces the blunt stimulation for maximum learning.

Educator has added a new feature to the E-Collar Remote Dog Training Collar called the Pavlovian Tone. Press the dedicated button to emit a tone before the stimulation. This will cause your dog to associate the tone with the stimulation. Before long, she’ll respond to the tone without need for stimulation.

This is an effective training tool that extinguishes unwanted behavior efficiently yet lovingly. Educator has your dog’s wellbeing at the forefront of their design. Teach your dogs to behave well so they remain safe and composed rather than darting into traffic, chasing after other dogs, or running away.

You don’t have to feel guilty for doing what’s right for your dog because this training collar is so gentle.

You won’t hear your dog yelp or whine or see her head jerk when you deliver the blunt “shock.” You’ll see him stop and obey you, a behavior that’s good for both of you.

The E-Collar Remote Dog Training Collar is easy to use. Because it has numerous features, it can be awkward to use initially.

Educator is responsive and helpful and will answer any questions you have. They want a positive training experience for both you and your dog.

Educator E-Collar Remote Dog Training Collar


What We Like

Dogs learn obedience with this device. Quite simply, it works. It even helps dogs with whom other methods have failed.

Even better, it does so gently and humanely. Some collars deliver an actual shock that causes a dog’s head to jerk. The Educator E-Collar Remote Dog Trainer doesn’t do that. Its strong-but-gentle signal teaches dogs what they need to do without hurting them.

What We Don’t Like

It’s difficult to find something to dislike about this e-collar. If we had to pick something, it would be that the contact points on the collar contain nickel, a metal to which some dogs are sensitive.

If you notice that your dog’s skin is red or irritated where the contact points rub, simply switch to one of Educator’s hypoallergenic contact points like their nickel-free stainless steel or titanium contact points.

Buying Advice

Once you explore and get to know the Educator E-Collar Remote Dog Training Collar, it is ridiculously simple to use. There is a learning curve involved, though. The product page on Amazon contains the PDF form of the instruction manual. This can help you learn what you need to know about your trainer.

Educator E-Collar Remote Dog Training Collar


Educator stands behind its products, and the company prides itself on customer service. They are available for help and support whenever you need it.


Training your dog, and doing it with her comfort in mind, is a wonderful gift you’ll give her. With the right type of training you teach her to behave safely, and you keep her calm and stress-free. The Educator E-Collar Remote Dog Training Collar keeps you calm and stress-free, too.

Strap on this training collar and head out with your dog. You’ll get to spend quality time together while your dog learns how you want him to behave. This collar is a win-win for you both, paving the way for a positive relationship that lasts for years.

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