Pet Camera – Top Ranked For 2017

Your First Pet Camera: The Ultimate Buying Guide

A pet camera is a tool that no pet owner should go without. They are fun and reliable tools that allow you to check on your pet from almost any location. Sales of pet cameras have gone up recently because they help increase the bond between pet owners and their pets.

We want to help you reduce the amount of anxiety your pet has while you're gone. This guide will help you find the best indoor pet camera that money can buy. Keep reading to find out how you can protect your pet and shower them with care and attention even when you're not home.

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Why You Should Choose Your Pet Camera Carefully

Getting the best home pet camera is not an easy task. It requires a lot of research, determination, and the ability to know the difference between a good and bad camera. Because there are so many pet cameras in the market, it's very important to shop carefully before buying.

Think about it, you can impulsively buy a pet camera if you want, but you'd be placing yourself at a disservice. Chances are you'll accidentally buy one with a screen that's too narrow to view your pet! To avoid this, you have to read all of the specs each product has to ensure that it will work properly.

To choose for the right camera, you need to ask yourself "what purpose will this camera be used for?" If your dog is not properly trained, a cheaper camera might be good for you. This will ensure that you can monitor your pet without wasting money and save you money in the long run.

What To Pay Attention When Choosing Your Pet Camera

Remote Viewing

This is an important feature as it allows you to interact with your pet quickly. Remote viewing is beneficial as it's easy to set up and can help you accurately track your pet's motions. For the best results, we suggest that you get a pet camera with a high resolution of 720p or higher.

Pet camera remote viewing.

Another thing you need to consider is how compatible your pet camera is with your camera, smartphone, and tablet. The best models will let you use all three to communicate with your pets. Get one that supports all three to ensure you have the best remote viewable that's available.

Interactive Pet Monitoring

Pet cameras are fun tools that allow you to have fun with your pet while you're away. Choose a pet camera whose interactive features will bring the most joy for you and your pet. For instance, some pet cameras come with a safe laser dot that can be used to play with your pets.

Keep these features in mind when looking for an interactive pet monitoring camera. Keeping your dog entertained while you're gone is a great way to reduce separation anxiety and ensures that you keep your pet safe.

Wi-Fi Options

If you're unable to obtain a reliable Wi-Fi connection, you should opt for a Bluetooth pet camera. These cameras can be easily connected to your phone and are usually seen on pet collars. They have a limited range of space, but are cheaper and provide a reliable source of pet monitoring.

Wi-Fi pet cameras are the best because of their increased functionality. For example, WiFi pet cameras are usually connected to apps which help you further track and monitor your pet's surroundings. All you need is a stable connection and a laptop, cellphone, or a tablet.

Assess the different Wi-Fi options before you buy a pet camera. This ensures that your pet will receive the maximum coverage while also giving you the ultimate control over their movements and actions. We suggest getting a Wi-Fi enabled camera to receive the most out of your investment.

Motion Detection

Watching your pet 24/7 is impossible. You might just want to peek and see if your pet is okay or when they walk into the kitchen to eat. Most cameras offer motion alerts, so your smartphone app can alert you if your pet is making noises and needs your undivided attention.


Sound detection is another thing that you have to look out for in your pet camera. A good sound detection system captures not only the sound of your pet, but also the sounds of unwanted intruders that might find their way to your home.

Like motion detection sensors, you should invest in a good sound detection system. It will help you keep an eye on your pet and alert you when unexpected emergencies will occur. If possible, get a pet camera with this feature to ensure that your pet remains safe when you're away.

Zoom, Pan, Rotate, And Tilt

These are some advanced features that most high-end pet cameras tend to offer. Some pet cameras just point straight ahead, which is good if you can place the camera in a convenient mounting location.

Pet camera with video.

However, if your pet is rambunctious and unpredictable, you're going to want to look for a camera that can accurately zoom into their location. Even better, some pet camera models can rotate via a central axis, pan from left to right based on your user operated controls.

Night Vision

Not everyone works during the daytime. If you're away from home and know that your pet is going to be there alone, invest in a pet camera that has night vision. Even with low lighting, you can see a couple of feet in front of the camera.

Night vision cameras will show the images in black and white. This gives you an accurate view of your pet, which comes in handy when you're working during after hours.

Treat Dispensers

Besides, pet cameras have disposable treats for your pets. When using this feature, make sure that your pet is within a safe distance so that you don't accidentally hit them. The treats should be a reasonable side to prevent a choking hazard from occurring.

Easy Set Up

If anything, you should have a pet camera that's easy to set up. On average, it should take you no longer than 30 minutes to an hour to get your camera established. Buy a WiFi enabled dog camera to assist you during this process.

Why? Because WiFi enabled pet cameras require you to plug up the device into a solid connection. After that, you'll have access to your pet at any time, and you'll be able to monitor them effectively.

Best Pet Monitoring Camera

Winner: Petzi Treat Cam

Technical Specs:

  • Night Vision Option
  • Universal Mounting Kit
  • 4 Interaction Methods (See, Speak, Snap, Treat)
  • Share videos via social media

The Petzi Treat Cam is best budget pet camera in today's market. It's a well-designed device that's made for pet owners to check on their pet while they're at work or away. You can get this device on Amazon at a price around $145.

The Petzi Treat Cam has 4 unique methods to show your pet that you care. You can interact with your pet via Speak (talking to your pet), Treat (deliver treats), See (watch your pet), Snap (take photos of your pet). This feature places it ahead of the competition and keeps the bond between you and your pet.

Not only does this device have a good treat dispenser that's controlled with a button, but it also drops the treats in a "spray" like manner. This allows for multiple pets to get an equal amount of snacks, making this a great choice for pet owners who want to give their pets equal care.

Petzi Treat Cam


Our Rating

Another advantage that this device has is its ease of use. All you have to do is plug the device into an electrical socket and fill it up with treats. The device's app is protected by a 128-bit AES system that encrypts the data and prevents hackers from destroying your information.

We also like the device's stability. It has a low center of gravity, making it unable to be tipped over or fall accidentally. You don't have to worry about your dog knocking over this device. Its metal base construction makes it a sturdy camera that will last for up to 4 years.

Every consumer found some issue with the device's one-way audio system. While it allows owners to speak to their pets, the device would have been better if it was a two-way system. This limited audio system makes it harder for owners to gauge their pet's reactions and keep them entertained.

Despite a few small issues, the Petzi Treat Cam is the best pet camera gives treats. It's stable and gives you multiple range of applications for you to interact with your pet. Buy this today if you want to quickly enhance your pet's experience and help them grow properly.

Nevertheless, the Petzi Treat Cam is the most versatile pet camera that we've found. The camera doesn't just monitor your pet, but it also allows you to give them treats to reward good behavior. For first-time buyers, this pet camera has all of your needs covered and is sold at a modest price.

Runner-Up: Petcube Pet Camera

Technical Specs:

  • 1080p Video
  • Brushed Aluminum Casing
  • Laser Pointer Included
  • Extra Cloud Storage Available

Second in our review is the Petcube Play Camera. It features a high-definition video resolution of 1080p, which lets you see your pet in almost real-time view. Buy this device on Amazon at a price about $151.

You can do more than just monitor and view your pets with the Petcube Pet Play Camera. For example, it features a speaker and a microphone that helps you further interact with your pets. This keeps your pets in good spirits and allows you emotionally attach to them while at work.

The laser pointer is one feature that sets the Petcube Play apart from the competition. It allows users to tap and drag their finger over the device to shine a laser for their pet to play with. It's a good diversion for bored pets and helps users play with their pets away from home.

Petcube Play: Pet Camera full view.


Our Rating

Shoppers like the Petcube Play because of its compatibility with other devices. For instance, it works with Android phones, iOS devices and on the Apple Watch. You then use the app to fully set up the device and link it to your phone. Once fully set up, you can use the laser pointer and play with your pets with it.

Petcube Play's Pet Camera has a great build construction. It has a bottom casing that's made of rubber which prevents the camera from falling over or moving easily when the user isn't around. For users who want to point the camera downward, it has a tripod mount that helps you do so.

Consumers were disappointed by the lack of a manual Night Mode feature. This pet camera works extremely well but would be better if users were able to monitor their pets at night. The Petcube Play is best used during the day as it will give an accurate reading of your pet's behavior.

Still, the Petcube Play Camera is the pet camera best buy for most customers. It's easy to use, displays your pet in a clear resolution, and helps users further interact with their pets. You'll love this product if you want to take care of your pet remotely to the highest level possible.

Alternative I: Pawbo Life Wi-Fi Pet Camera

Technical Specs:

  • 720p Video Resolution
  • Record and Save Videos on Dropbox
  • Two-way audio communication
  • 110V/240V of Power
  • Weight: 1lb

The Pawbo Life Wi-Fi Pet Camera is ranked third on our list. It's loaded with enough fun and innovative features to monitor your pet while you're gone such as voice compatibility, treat dispensers and laser games. You can get this device on Amazon at a price around $153.

First thing's first, the camera has a compact design which is good for owners who live in limited spaces. The camera has a glossy black and white appearance and is made of plastic. When used, two LED lights will shine to indicate activity and that it's on correctly.

Next, the product features the easiest setup assembly on this list. You simply place the Pawbo camera onto the wall and then download the app. After the app is installed, you simply connect the device, give it a name and password, and then you're able to monitor your pet!

Pawbo Life Wi-Fi Pet Camera


Our Rating

The Pawbo Pet Camera is no stranger to good video resolution either. It consists of a 720p front-facing camera that has a 110-degree lens. The lens has a wide angle, which helps you get full coverage of your pet's actions.

Shoppers loved the treat dispenser that comes included with the device. It allows users to place 3 treats into each section to feed their dog when they're not home. Make sure to use small treats or cut the treats into smaller pieces in order for this feature to work.

While its 720p video quality is good, it doesn't measure up well against competing devices. Other pet cameras have a 1080p resolution which shows the pets in a clearer screen. The 720p resolution allows you to see your pet in a nonpixelated view and is good for short-term usage.

The Pawbo Life Wi-Fi Pet Camera is for pet owners who are busy but still want to engage with their pets. It's compact, easy to use, and helps users feed their pets while they're not present. Look for this camera if you need a quick tool to provide care for your pet.

Alternative II: Feed And Go Pet Feeder

Technical Specs:

  • Built-In Webcam
  • Multiple Feeding Options
  • 6-Cup Feeding Tray
  • Stores food for up to 48 hours
  • Silent operation

The Feed and Go Pet Feeder allows users to feed their pets food from their smartphone automatically. It allows users to manage their pet feeding and offers 3 different feeding options for them. It's currently being sold on Amazon at a price around $305.

Its primary feature is its scheduled feeding options. Users can opt for a one-off feeding (quick feeding), one-time feeding (once a day feeding), and scheduled feeding (programmed scheduled feeding). This gives you the ability to control when they eat in an organized manner.

The feeder comes with a 6-cup sized feeding compartment. We like the device because it can hold wet, dry, pet treats, and medications. The Feed and Go Pet Feeder protects the food with an air-tight seal and keeps it fresh for up to 48 hours.

Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder For Cats & Dogs


Our Rating

Don't worry about your pet knocking over the feeder either. The device is made of sturdy plastics and prevents the pet from smelling the food. If you have a playful pet that knocks things over, the locking mechanism of the device won't allow them forced access to the food.

You can even view your pet's actions with The Feed and Go Pet Feeder. It allows users to view their pets while they're eating in a 320 x 240-pixel resolution. Thus, giving you the ability to watch your pet eat and ensure they are safe.

There have been a few consumer complaints about the internet compatibility with the device. Some reported that it would take longer for the device to connect to the internet if a router doesn't have a WPS button. We suggest checking your router and making sure it's compatible with this device before you buy.

The Feed and Go Pet Feeder is the best cat pet camera that's around.The feeding tray is easy to clean, and the device just requires an app to be utilized. Purchase this feeder today to remotely improve your pet's nutritional well-being.

Best Pet Camera Collar

GoPro Fetch Dog Harness

Technical Specs:

  • Fits dogs 15 to 120 pounds
  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Waterproof
  • Mounting Locations in chest and back
  • Padded to increase pet comfort

Last on our list is the GoPro Fetch Dog Harness. The harness is adjusted to your dog's size and fits dogs that are 15 to 120 pounds. If you want to see life from your dog's point of view, this product is sold on Amazon at a price of $41.

The dog harness doesn't have one, but two plates that are padded and used for mounting. With this camera, you can mount the camera on your pet's chest or back, which gives you two different points of view to choose from.

One pro is that the harness is very comfortable for dogs to use. Your pet can move around freely and enjoy life as if there wasn't a harness attached to them. The GoPro Fetch Dog Harness is the best budget pet camera because it's cheap and provides the maximum comfort for your pet.

GoPro Fetch (Dog Harness) in use.


Our Rating

You won't have to waste time setting up the harness on your dog either. In fact, the harness can be installed easily around your dog's waist. And there's a tether loop included ensuring that the camera doesn't fall off the harness and can withstand a great deal of damage.

Unlike other dog collars in its category, this one is water proof. This means that you can take your pet out for a swim without damaging the contents of the camera associated with this device.

However, there is one issue that consumers griped about. When mounting the harness on your dog, the camera would tend to slide out of its current position. While you might have to adjust the camera once a while, you might be able to avoid this issue if you have a larger dog.

Overall, the GoPro Fetch Dog Harness is the best wifi camera for pet collars. It's easy to attach and place on your dog, and it displays their movements in real-time motion. You should get this device if you're a camper who wants their dog to have a memorable adventure as well.

The Verdict

We think that the Petzi Treat Cam is the winner. Not only does it have a high video resolution, but it also uses its interactive treat dispenser feature to keep your pet entertained. Ultimately, you should get this device if you're serious about your pet's safety and want to reduce their anxiety when you're not home.



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