Buying The Best Dog Training Collar For Your Pooch

Buying The Best Dog Training Collar For Your Pooch

People have a responsibility when they decide to bring a pet into their home. That means proper training so that their dog doesn’t become a nuisance. It’s bad all around for you, your neighbors and your dog.

The ASPCA explains that pet problems whether it’s an aggressive animal or one that misbehaves are some of the primary reasons owners rehome them. That’s where taking the time to find the best dog training collar can help. It can make it easier to curb bad habits.

You’ll find a variety of collars on the market that take different approaches to these themes. They’ll vary on several scores including range, correction levels and design. You’ll also see some products with further refinements. Here’s our rundown of the best dog training collar.

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Best Dog Training Collar Under $200

Best Dog Training Collar Under $100

Best Dog Training Collar For Barking

Best Dog Training Collar Under $200

The basic kit will include the collar and a remote device that you control. Some models will have a charger and additional supplies to customize the unit for your needs. Most will at least include the battery to get you started with training your dog out of the box.

At this price point, you’ll find products that include some extra bells and whistles that are worth considering. They can increase the effectiveness and versatility of the unit for a better experience for both you and your pet. Let’s review some of the best collars we found.

Winner: Educator E-Collar Remote Dog Training Collar

The Educator E-Collar Remote Dog Training Collar stands out with the manufacturer’s attention to details that caught our eyes. Both the transmitter and collar are waterproof, a must-have feature in our book. The former has an ergonomic design which we appreciated too.

It’s a versatile device with up to 100 correction levels and an additional 60 boost stimulations. That’ll make it easy to dial into what you need to get your pet to follow your commands. It uses a rechargeable lithium battery with a relatively quick two-hour charge time. It also floats.

Educator E-Collar Remote Dog Training Collar


We like the fact that the transmitter is yellow and, therefore, easy to find. It also has tracking lights so that you can find your dog in the dark. It’s lightweight and has a lanyard to prevent losing it. You can even set a beep tone to locate it if you misplace it.

The kit comes with two sets of contact points to match the length with the thickness of your pet’s coat. What really caught our attention was the fact that it includes ones made of different materials in case your dog is sensitive to nickel. They even threw in a removal tool.

The collar consists of a nylon strap, but you can upgrade to the more durable biothane material that you can cut to size. The range is a generous ½ mile, but we’d certainly want our pet a lot closer than that distance.

The product comes with a full two-year warranty. For all it includes, it ranks high as the best remote dog training collar you can get for the price.

Runner-Up: Pet Resolve Dog Training Collar With Remote

The Pet Resolve Dog Training Collar with Remote is an excellent option for pet owners with hunting dogs. It has a longer range of ¾ miles. You can use the transmitter with up to three dogs. It’s not as pretty as the previous model, but it gets the job done well.

Pet Resolve Dog Training Collar with Remote


It has 10 correction levels along with a continuous mode if your dog misbehaves. It also has vibration and sound only options, depending on the level of stimulation your pet needs. The collar is waterproof which we’d expect in this type of product.

The design of both pieces is solid and well-made. You can expect this one to handle a lot of punishment in the field. The unit comes in black which would make it hard to find should you lose either one. The transmitter is also a bit bulky.

Based on the number of positive reviews, we can say that it is reliable. There is a two-year warranty with no questions asked. It’s a good product for the price. It runs on a rechargeable lithium battery. Both it and the charger are included in the kit along with extra prongs.

Alternative: Dogtra ARC Remote Training Collar System

The Dogtra ARC Remote Training Collar System bills itself as low to medium stimulation with 127 correction levels. It also has a large ¾ mile range, suitable for up to two dogs with one transmitter. It runs on rechargeable batteries with the charger included in the package.

The transmitter has a slim but sturdy design. Because it’s meant for hunting, everything is fully waterproof. It has an LCD screen which you can easily read in all lighting conditions. It delivers several types of stimulation including vibration, constant, nick and sound only.

Dogtra ARC Remote Training Collar System


Both the transmitter and collar are black, but you can opt for another color. The kit includes a belt clip to prevent losing the former in the field which we appreciated. The collar is bulky even though the manufacturer says you can use it on a 15-pound dog.

The transmitter has a comfortable checkered grip with a nice hand feel to it. The product comes with a two-year and a limited lifetime warranty. That’s a good thing too since some reviews mentioned issues with proper functioning in all modes.

Best Dog Training Collar Under $100

PetTech Remote Controlled Dog Training Collar

The PetTech Remote Controlled Dog Training Collar has a lot going for it at an affordable price. It features up to 100 levels of correction that you can customize for both stimulation and vibration. It was the only product in our roundup that offered the latter.

The transmitter has a large LED display that is easy to read. Our only complaint is that the font is thin and could provide a better contrast against the blue background. It has four modes including vibration, sound, shock and light.

The latter is a welcome feature for night training. It’s also an excellent safety add-on that we appreciated. It includes a static mode for emergency situations. It runs on rechargeable lithium batteries and is completely waterproof.

PetTech Remote Controlled Dog Training Collar


The product has a few bells and whistles that make it stand out from the crowd. It has a lifetime replacement guarantee. You can even opt for a refund if you’d prefer. That definitely puts it in the rank of best dog training collar under 100.

Most training collars include some type of instruction whether it’s an e-book or DVD. The manufacturer takes it to the next level with one-on-one expert advice if you have questions about how to use it properly. It scored points for the best dog training collar reviews.

On the downside, the collar with the battery unit is big. Though the product description says you can use it on dogs that are 10 pounds, we’d hesitate to use it on a pet that small. The shock, especially the static one, delivers quite a jolt that would startle an animal of this size.

The range for the device is 1,200 feet or about a quarter of a mile. While not appropriate for hunting, it can work as the best dog walking training collar for use in the neighborhood.

Best Dog Training Collar For Barking

PetSafe Elite Bark Control Collar

PetSafe Elite Bark Control Collar is a training device for pets up to 55 pounds. The premise is simple. It detects when your dog barks and delivers a correction for up to 80 seconds. That is a great feature for hands-off training. Set it and forget it.

The intensity gets progressively higher through 10 levels as the dog continues to bark. On the positive side, your pet will get the message quickly to stop this inappropriate behavior. It is fully waterproof and submersible up to five feet.

On the downside, it uses disposable, proprietary batteries. Having to replace them is one thing but not being able to run to the hardware store for a new one is another story. While they have a good lifespan, they’re not cheap. It’s a situation where you need to consider the ultimate cost.

PetSafe Elite Bark Control Collar


As a training device, it is effective. You can let your dog outside and not have to worry about him disturbing the neighbors. You can customize the correction as needed. As we mentioned earlier, problem behaviors are a common reason that people rehome pets. If it helps, that’s fantastic.

The collar doesn’t have an on/off switch, so you’ll need to remove it if there are times you don’t want to deter your dog from barking such as during the night or if you’re home alone. Some reviews mentioned that it doesn’t work for some pets.

It responds to the dog’s throat vibration. Our concern would lie with the fact that growling and not barking would trigger a false positive response. You can return the product within 30 days if that becomes an issue.

It may be a moot point for some, but we’ll mention it anyway. Unlike other training collars, you can’t test a barking collar as easily. Some pet owners want to know up front the kind of jolt that their dog will get. We understand the concern.

What You Should Look For In A Dog Training Collar

Using a training collar is a way to harness the effectiveness of classical conditioning. You can use it to create negative associations between bad behaviors and something unpleasant. It’s not cruel or inhumane, especially when you consider the alternative of an accident or worse.

They work similarly to an invisible dog fence only you are the transmitter. You can set them to give a warning tone a la Pavlov before delivering a correction. The goal is to make the latter enough to stop the behavior but still have the ability to get your dog’s attention if not.

The object is to startle them rather than punish them with a jolt. It’s unfortunate that many people refer to them as a shock collar. You should only use a greater stimulation if the pet is in a dangerous situation or they are failing to respond to your commands.

The first thing you need to do when looking for the best vibrating dog training collar is to determine how you will use it. Think about whether your dog will wear it while hunting or just for walks. That will come into play with the features of the different units and your cost.

Is It Waterproof?

Most products you’ll see are at least water-resistant. That’s a must-have feature even if you’re just walking in the neighborhood. Units meant for hunting dogs are usually fully waterproof. Some may be submersible too which is important if you’re going for upland game.

Waterproof dog training collar.

Some manufacturers will provide an IP code to give you a more precise indication of how waterproof it really is. Our experience was that it wasn’t always included in the product’s specs. If it is an issue, we’d recommend reaching out to customer service about it.

You’ll find some devices that are submersible. Five feet is adequate in most scenarios. Make sure and verify it if pet is likely to jump in the water while wearing the collar. But what applies to it doesn’t always include all units.

Check the description for both the collar and transmitter. Sometimes you’ll find that the latter is only water-resistant. If that’s the case, a lanyard or belt clip is essential. You’ll likely find that replacing it is nearly as much as the entire package. It’s better to play it safe.

What Type Of Batteries Does It Use?

Better units will run on rechargeable batteries. Not only is it eco-friendly, but it will save you money in the long run. Look at the charging time. Rapid-charge ones will be ready to use in about two hours. The kit will likely include one.

The lifespan will vary depending on how much you have to correct your dog. You’ll probably go through a battery quickly in the beginning until your pet gets the hang of it. We’d advise picking up a second one to have on hand especially when you’re in the field.

Less expensive models will use disposable batteries. While it’s convenient, it also means having spares on hand all the time. And then there’s that bit about recycling. Bear in mind that rechargeable ones will pay for themselves quickly. Others are a constant cost.

Our advice is to check the price of replacements, especially if the product uses proprietary batteries. Verify the lifespan to give you a better idea of what it’s going to run you to get a particular product. A more expensive model may be worth in the end.

How Well Does The Collar Fit Your Pet?

Many manufacturers will specify a size for the collar and indicate whether it is for big, medium or small dogs. The collar should fit snug so that the contact points touch your dog’s skin or else he won’t feel the correction. Most kits include extra prongs of various lengths to match the coat.

Less expensive products often cut corners when it comes to this piece. You can usually swap it out for something that will work better for your pet. We’d recommend a bright color to make it easier to find your dog in low light conditions.

Most product descriptions will give a collar size in inches which is based on the pet for which the training unit is appropriate. It’s always a good idea to reposition it on your pet every few hours to prevent chafing and pressure sores.

Dogs with training collars.

Bear in mind that the contacts are made of metal. Some pets may be allergic to some materials like nickel. It’s essential to examine your dog’s neck frequently when you first put it on him. Remove it immediately if you notice redness or he scratches at it a lot.

Some manufacturers will include other contacts made of different materials that may help if your pet has sensitive skin. You should be able to slip one finger between the points and your dog’s skin for a proper fit.

What Type Of Stimulation And Intensity Does It Provide?

This feature is where you’ll see a lot of variation between different products. You’ll see it shown as the levels of stimulation. They may range anywhere from 10 to well over 100. The point is to home in on the minimal threshold you’ll need to get a response from your dog.

You may find that you only use a few levels. That’s okay as long as it’s working. You’ll also see various modes in the best training collar for dog. There is usually a sound-only training option to get your pet used to wearing the collar. Ideally, that would be enough.

Others will include vibration and boost stimulation modes too. Remember, the point is to startle your dog to stop the bad behavior. You may need the extra intensity, especially in emergency situations where time is crucial.

The other things to consider is the product’s range. Collars meant for casual use will have a smaller coverage area. However, the best e collar dog training for hunting will have a much larger one that approaches one mile. For those situations, it’s appropriate.

What Kind Of Safety Features Does It Have?

You’ll find other features that expand the usefulness of the best dog training shock collar in all price points. That’s why it’s essential to consider how you’ll use it to get the right product for your needs. Many include proprietary technologies that are worth a look.

A good hand feel is important for the transmitter. Stick with products that have an ergonomic design to prevent fatigue, especially if you’re out for longer sessions with your pet. We prefer units that are brightly colored to make them easy to find if we drop them.

At the very least, look for a product that comes with some means to secure it whether it’s a lanyard or belt clip. Some include other features that help you locate it after the fact. You’ll find models that will beep to help you find it which scores big points with us.

Others help you locate your pet with lights that will flash on the collar. We strongly recommend that you get one that is brightly colored with reflective strips if possible even if you have to replace the one the kit includes. After all, it only takes one time.

How To Train A Dog With A Training Collar

Make sure and use the transmitter under different lighting conditions. Look for a product with high contrast between the figures and the background for optimal readability. Likewise, verify that it has some type of low battery warning whether it’s a flashing light or screen display.

Some training collars have an emergency mode with a static stimulation for dangerous situations. We consider it an essential feature because you just never know when you’ll need it.

Is There A Warranty?

Whenever you’re dealing electronics, it’s always a good idea to stick with products that include some kind of warranty. It’s something you’ll find with the best dog training collar. A reputable manufacturer stands behind their products, especially when a pet is involved.

Make sure to read the fine print. Some will have terms and conditions included. Other may require a purchase from an authorized dealer. If in doubt, contact customer service for clarification. Some may even have a smaller window on returns.

You’ll often see warranties for a year or two to cover defective products. Others may have limited lifetime coverage too. Our favorites are the no-hassle, satisfaction sort. Be sure to save all the packaging and the receipt to be on the safe side.


You may wonder what is the best dog training collar? Our answer is the one that will serve your needs and provide the extra safety features to prevent you—or your dog—from losing it. You know your pet best. Let that be your guide to picking what will work most effectively.

If it means a sturdier strap, do it. If he needs one that delivers stronger intensity with the correction, that’s the one you should get. A well-trained dog is the ultimate goal. The added help to get your pet to that point is money well spent.

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